Community Partners


Our team works to connect artists and art communities globally to each other and diverse audiences that aren’t limited by borders or traditional barriers to entry. We love discovering new artists and experiences, and want to share that joy of exploration with our own Pollinate community. Our digital tools help curate unique creative experiences, both online and off, offering a new perspective on a social experience that’s better when shared.

Art in Odd Places

Art in Odd Places (AiOP) presents visual and performance art in unexpected public spaces. AiOP’s “NORMAL” curated by Furusho von Puttkammer, will feature innovative multi and interdisciplinary hybrid projects including installation, sculpture, and performance along 14th Street in Manhattan, NYC from Avenue C to the Hudson River.

EVENT: Art in Odd Places 2021: Normal
Soho Renaissance Factory

Soho Renaissance Factory is on a mission to heal the city with socially conscious art. SRF and Pollinate will transform lower Manhattan into an immersive “Street Museum” with experiences including Art, Audio Storytelling, and Movement made discoverable via the Pollinate App. Working with our community partners, SRF and Pollinate aims to encourage social activism to support local artists and small businesses impacted by the pandemic.

EVENT: Be a Lover Arts Festival 2021

Produced by 3RDSPACE, Memphis Art & Design Week is a result of wanting to unite artists and arts and cultural institutions. It welcomes all to hundreds of unique and creative experiences that are hands-on, interactive, and offers behind-the-scenes access to artists, arts institutions, and the creative process.

EVENT  Memphis Art and Design Week: 2020 >>

TMJ Arts Collective

TMJ Arts Is a global Artist based consulting firm with In-house Artists, Architects, App Developers, Graphic designers, and State Attorneys who work together to produce Global Artists Initatives for a sustainable platform for all Creatives.

EVENT: Soho Art Walks Spring 2021 Activation
Human Impacts Institute/ Creative Climate Awards

In collaboration with five major NYC cultural institutions, we bring to you 15 of New York’s most inspiring artists who are connecting climate to issues such as health, community resilience, and racial justice. The month long festival of climate inspiration and action will showcase how our city can be an example of pulling together and using the arts and a celebration of diverse cultures to inspire long-lasting change.

EVENT: Creative Climate Awards Fall 2020
721 Collective

A digital art studio leveraging the power of blockchain technology to connect digital and traditional fine artists with a new community of collectors.

EVENT: “Palm Trees in New York” Summer 2021